Tire Rotation And Inflation


The purpose for rotating tires is to achieve a more uniform wear for all tires on a vehicle.

Before rotating tires,determine the cause of any unusual wear and correct any misalignment,

Imbalance,or other mechanical problems.

Otherwise it will cause:1.Ride disturbing; 2.More noise; 3.Poor ride comfort; 4.Shorter of life span.

Note: it is suggested that tires should be rotated as soon as the phenomena above mentioned are detected (especially the two front wheels ).There tire rotation recommendation do not take into account different tire tires mixed on the same vehicle.Do not mix radial and bias ply tires on the same vehicle.

The tires rotation patterns are acceptable below.Please refer to your vehicle owners manual regarding tire rotation advice.


One of the most important aspects of tire maintenance is proper inflation.

Sufficient inflation is needed to carry the load and avoid damage.Driving with improper inflation ( particularly grossly under inflated or over inflated tires ) is dangerous and can cause critical damage or sudden failure of the tires.Proper inflation should be maintained and check on at least weekly bases and before long distance drives.

Proper inflation should be maintained and checked at least once a week and before a long distance drive.

It is also advisable to take into account axle load and driving conditions when setting inflation pressure.Compensation for heavier loads can be made by increasing inflation pressure,but do not exceed maximum inflation for the tires or maximum axle load.

In the space of just one month,a tire can lose 10 pounds of air pressure.

It is important to check your air pressure regularly, to make sure your tires are neither under nor over inflated.


Is the worst enemy your tire can have,It causes increased treadwear on the outside edges (or shoulders of the tire. It also generates excessive heat,which reduces tire durability.Finally it reduces your fuel economy by increasing rolling resistance-soft tires make your vehicle work harder.


Is also detrimental to the tire.Too much air pressure causes the center of the tread to bear the majority of the trucks weight,which leads to faster deterioration and uneven wear.Any kind of uneven wear will shorten the lifespan of your tires.